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​It Is Well!!
​(A Tribute to Evangelist Shirley Murray)

1.“It is well !” the years have proved:
Sister Murray is a woman whose faith cannot be moved.
So she proved faithful, a woman whom God CAN trust,
And she separated so many souls from the world’s lust.

2.A faithful giant ! A woman of prayer !
So careful in wisdom, letting us know that God cares!
Now no words on earth can truly describe
Sister Murray, God’s chosen vessel who weathers stormy tides.

3.She climbs mountains of tribulation and walls of distress,
Because she truly said an Eternal Yes!!
A vessel unto honor whom the years could not deter,
No temporal earthly thing could ever stop her.

4. A treasure to her husband, Lobias! A praise to everyone !
Sister Murray’s humility is a great and mighty song.
Now, I watch her purity when tribulations assail
And I gain new faith – Jesus NEVER fails.

5. So full of love ! So sound in faith !
All the words of counsel that she says
Just strengthens, encourages, and powerfully proves
That all the tests and the storms that she has withstood

6.Are God’s “recommendation” to Hebrews’ saints’ Hall of Fame
Heaven has one more whom the years could not change.
A tried and true vessel, molded by fire!
Sister Murray labored ! She NEVER gave up! She wouldn’t tire!

7.And so GREAT honor that’s due her now,
Because she took courage and stood ANYHOW!!
These words of 2nd Kings, Chapter 4, and Verse 6 –
A testimony of faith of an overcomer who heart is fixed 

8.It inspires trust in God’s Holy man,
Because a woman took a bold and mighty stand.
An empire of faith! A domain of truth!
Because Sister Murray said, “Yes” to God in her youth.

9.She defied despair! She fought discouragement! --
So meek and so brave; so gentle and so content.
She travailed in the valley and she sought God’s perfect will,
So now the ministry grows; so many people are healed.

10.A friend to the lonely; a shelter for the lost –
She labors for God in the dew and in the frost.
From nights of prayer and days of inward pain,
Sister Murray NEVER gave up, but she endured the stress and the strain.

11.How I marvel as I watch her each time –
An honorable woman in whom I find
God’s requirements of true righteousness.
For “the fire” only made God bless.

12.God’s servant, yes!! 2nd Kings, Chapter 4 and Verse 8 –
Because Sister Murray dared to walk holy and straight.
An empire of faith, I say, from each corner of the earth,
Because Sister Murray magnified God first.

13.A patient woman whose obedience is a light
To women far and near who want to walk upright.
She proves Proverbs 31, Verses 11 and 12.
The growth of Full Gospel Holy Temple itself tells

14.How she is so faithful – a prudent wife
Whose wisdom constantly gives new life.
Her godly life constrains the young and the old,
To be faithful when life’s billows roll.

15.She “lives” the plan of God in Genesis, Chapter 1 and Verse 18,
And Sister Murray gave to her husband a place among honorable men.
Yes! Proverbs, Chapter 3, and Verse 23 is proven “in” her
Because she does not slack her hand; she does not defer.

16.To obey her husband in things small and great –
The true test of a GREAT woman of faith.
Princesses and kings! Rulers and warriors!
Yes! Full Gospel Holy Temple is a treasure because of her.

17. WHO?? – would smile in the fire and in the flood?
  WHO?? – would withstand death through God’s word?
  WHO?? – would labor through her own sickness and her sorrow?
  WHO?? – always give hope for that better tomorrow?

18. I think of women who follow her “close”
  Because she is so obedient to the Holy Ghost!
  What she says, GOD BRINGS IT TO PASS,
  Because God can trust her with the smallest task.

19.Her life of courage, of faith, and of prayer
Molds vessels of God who boldly declare
That Sister Murray IS God’s servant of truth and of power,
Whose stand in God each day and each hour,

20.Gives strength and hope, and peach of mind.
A great woman, but always gentle and kind.
A worldwide ministry through her is sealed,
For the earth’s Four Corners will feel

21.How God trusted a woman at His servant’s side 
To give life to the world and to turn many to Christ.
America and the world ALL will know
The truth of Holiness because she labors so

22. In those hours that she is needed most –-
Will not God Himself loudly boast?
“Shirley!! Shirley!! With you I am well pleased
For how you made so many wars to cease.”

23. You took “the cross” and you would not fall.
Therefore, many people want to give God their very all.”
A test of your fortitude! A proof of your love!
The WHOLE ministry is a testimony of

24. Your faith! Your obedience! Your soundness in prayer,
  Because in adversity you were “there” --]
  “There” to strengthen souls both great and small.
  “THANK YOU!!” Sister Murray, for being courageous and standing tall.

 25.Proverbs 31, Verse 19!! Titus, Chapter 2, Verses 3, 4 & 5!
 Because of you the ministry has survived!
 A woman is special; God meant it to be.
 And in your “living” example, all women do see

 26.How to honor and to obey God’s chosen one.
  THANK YOU”!! --Sister Murray for being so very strong –
  Strong in faith, in kindness, and in love,
  Meek and gentle, so willing to serve.

 27.And so your own children prove so well
  That a mother’s love does keep children out of Hell.
  A son of faith and two daughters of prayer,
  Because you are true and you took the time to care.

 28. So God will bless, yet, more even worldwide,
  Because you are a vessel of honor who withstood the fire.
  I honor you from the depths of my soul,
  A precious jewel! Fiery and Bold!

29.God’s answer! God’s confidence and God’s praise!
Evangelist Shirley Murray! God’s woman of faith.
“They overcame him by the4 blood of the Lamb!”
God is pleased for how you made people to believe in HIS NAME!

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