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  (A Special Tribute to Nina (Talton) Tisdale)

1. The list is long in Romans, Chapter 16,
  Yet, the name NINA is not among them.
  Sosipater! Andronicus! Mary! To name a few --
  But Nina Tisdale has significance, too.

2. Your own name, NINA, is a precious dare,
  Because your mother wanted you to share
  The glory of a generation so bold and so brave.
  The 60's gave so many folks a close shave!

3. It was a time to test Will Owens' strength.
  Only Jo Anne TALTON Tisdale knew what that meant.
  For "Papa" (Will Owens) was not easily moved,
  And through your name (Nina), Jo Anne did prove

4. Will Owens' children MUST!! never be second-rate.
  Jo Anne called you NINA!! That sealed your fate.
  But you also have Willis Talton's tender heart,
  And his own stamina to remain true to the least job.

5. "Grandpa", Willis Talton, would till the soil when nobody cared.
  Can't you see why your own name is a dare?
  "Grandpa" could sit for hours and observe the land,
  And he ruled his home with a quiet and gentle hand.

6. "Mz" Mary Jane's premonition was true
  When she called her second son, "JIMMY", too!
  Sometimes mothers can foretell;
  And even when life's silent bell

7. Left 2 boys and one girl at her side,
  "Mz" Mary Jane yet had the Tisdale pride,
  Of knowing her husband lived on
  Within the breast of her daughter and her two sons.

8. George Washington!! Yes, "Mz" Mary Jane knew
  That her son was born TO BE a leader, too!
  As if his name were not enough,
  George Tisdale showed people!! -- that he had the right stuff!

9. It takes a daring mother, you see,
  To teach her child to have dignity!
  Often a mother's words are blunt and sharp,
  But then that's a mother's own gift from God.

10. Because "Mz" Mary Jane "dared" to be bold,
  ASHLYN NAOMI has a valiant story to be told.
  Perhaps that is why April 10, 1956 had to be that way.
  For real fathers can NEVER be replaced.

11. Even still a special tribute is due
  Because "Mr. Doc" is special too.
  Mr. Doc's gentle spirit made a family strong
  And gave them the courage to continue on.

12. Even as George Tisdale's laurels ring out,
  For a man who taught him to be sturdy and stout --
  It is true, that "Mr. Doc" made it so
  That GEORGE WASHINGTON TISDALE could properly grow.

13. It is firmly believed that October 12th is special
  Because a man refused to give up the wrestle
  To prove that there was more land to reach.
  What Columbus "DISCOVERED" stopped scoffers' speech.

14. From 1492 to 1964, there are 472 years.
  But God had promised to wipe away all tears.
  "I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction."
  Isaiah 48:10 says all Christians have this addiction.

15. Perhaps Apostle Paul clarified it more.
  First Corinthians 16:15 "evens" the score.
  Onward still, Apostle Paul does admonish:
  "Be ye steadfast [and not by your trials astonished]."

16. Certain numbers are important to God.
  "Adding" and "multiplying" are a part of God's job.
  Four hundred years are stretched wide.
  Have you ever thought of why you were born before 1965?

17. Just look at what 400 "plus" 72 means.
  Even though a lot of folks were born -- in between.
  God's people were afflicted 400 years.
  Genesis 15:14 should dry a Christian's tears.

18. Seventy-two (72) is a "plus"!!
  Israel's own captivity constantly warns us!
  Always, God suffered long,
  Trying to keep Israel brave and strong.

19. But look at how poorly Israel behaved!  
  They no longer wanted to give God praise.
  "We want to be like everybody else," Israel cried.
  But they had God for their personal guide.

20. When God "stepped aside", his heart broke,  
  Because of those mean and rebellious folk.
  If only Israel had listened in 1st Samuel 8:9,
  Israel never would have had to reap, "70 times"!

21. Seventy (70) weeks!" the angel proclaimed,
  Because God's people had made Him ashamed.
  Still, in Babylon, Daniel valiantly stood for God,
  When others gave up and fell apart.

22. God's own confidence in Daniel proved true.
  Daniel was a mortal, the same as you!
  'Seems like "nobody" could reach Daniel's "level"!
  Even Christians can be wise and clever!

23. Daniel was "different" from the other "5",
  But that's because God was on his side.
  The book of DANIEL, Chapter 6, gives great strength
  To those who have the courage to be "diffe-rent".

24. In March 1986, I watched you study in Farmerville, in that chair
  If you only knew the strength you did share.
  Even away from home you were true
  To complete classwork! That speaks well of you.

25. In 1961, Jessie Mae TALTON took a dare
  And made me to sit in a "lonely" chair.
  Others played, but my mother did command,
  That I be true to my own teacher's bold stand

26. When my teacher looked past a 14-year old student's fear
  And Mrs. DeJohn'nette made me Geography's representative!
  If Jessie Mae Talton could have seen YOU,
  Jessie Mae Talton could ever say, "Nina is a part of her too.

27. Always you, Nina, had E-LI-SHA's "nerve"!
  He never let anybody PULL HIM OVER TO THE CURB!
  Even rebellious kings HAD TO acknowledge him!
  Because Elisha refused to bow to sin.

28. Just look at the courage Elisha showed,
  In 2nd Kings, chapter 3 and 10 "plus" four!
  God can strengthen one among many.
  But it takes courage to be bold, yet, tender.

29. I had the chance to watch you firsthand.
  Even at 1 year old you took a bold stand.
  When your mother left you behind,
  To give birth to your sister, you did not whine.

30. But you let it be known,
  That your mother is the queen on "your" throne!
  I tried to make you as comfortable as could be,
  But you refused to accept my hospitality.

31. I thought a bath was in order.
  But you didn't change because of the water.
  Finally, I had had enough!
  But still, you acted tough!

32. As you sat in Jessie Mae's tub,
  YOU TAUGHT ME!! -- "It's not nice to shove!"
  In anger, I pointed my finger at you
  And your teeth sank into my finger; what else could you do?

33. My finger was hurt but you did prove
  'Can't "nobody" make WILL OWENS' great grandchild move!
  I suppose that could have been the end
  But you turned right around and hit me with your bottle again!

34. "THAT DID IT!!" -- So I thought!
  But WILLIS TALTON inside of you did walk --
  Quiet and tender!! Fearless and brave!
  Nina, you are of what GREAT men are made!

35. When you were older, I thought to sit and talk "to" you
  About the things that God would have us to do.
  I did not know that you would cry,
  When I told you that bad people get locked up in fire.

36. If e'er your life story were told,
  It would give people the strength to be bold.  
  You have the TALTONS' gentle strength
  And Mr. Doc's spirit to be content.

37. "CONTENT" is not "lac-ka'dais-ical" apathy,
  But it is meekness to strengthen to be bold avidly.
  The TISDALES are warriors, who never retreat,
  So a valiant heritage, YOU MUST COMPLETE!

38. Even Ashlyn Naomi can never "dissimulate"
  The foreordained path that she must take.
  Women have a special place.
  But women must yield to the man's "ordained" pace.

39. Deborah's leadership was a success,
  Because she passed life's greatest test.
  To let a man assume the lead,
  So that God's people could be set free.

40. I called you "CHOPPER"!! -- after that first "bite",
  But I did not know that God had ordained you to fight,
  To be a role model for the old and the young,
  And NINA TISDALE!! -- It can be done!

Love, Aunt Gertie

Re-Issued: August 16, 2010