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October 24, 1982

(A Special Tribute to Apostle Lobias Murray
to His Wife, Evangelist Shirley Murray)

1. So you left that little town
  And came to deliver souls that were "bound"!
  Obedient to God, you "stretched out",
  Even amid great fears and doubt.

2. But God is always true to His word,
  And ALL the promises that you have heard
  MUST be fulfilled THROUGH YOUR LIFE!
  YES!! -- You are God's servant! -- The Bride of Christ!

3. Now I look as you are tossed to and fro.
  Yet, BY GOD'S GREAT WORD!! -- assuredly know
  All the tests! And the trials! And tribulations too!
  Are all part of your labor! God will see you through!

4. A unified work -- of people far and near,
  So the Lord said to be of "Good Cheer".
  Let no man's heart fail him now.
  Be YET steadfast! Do not bow!

5. I see THE PROOF of your calling IN GOD!
  Herman, Sharon and Renee!! -- Enduring trials that are hard.
  The lives of your three children speak "in silence" and in truth. 
  Yes! They are three!! -- Undeniable proof!!

6. So you labor, because you know
  Full Gospel Holy Temple wants to grow.
  We watch your example and then we follow close,
  Seeking the more of God through His Holy Ghost.

7. One man to unify God's work!! --
  An awesome task, BUT!! God loves his church.
  God knew what traits you bore --
  Humble! Obedient! Unselfish to the core!

8. It's no wonder, then
  That God tries you again and again!
  Yes! You prove out when others would stop.
  God KNEW he could trust you, no matter what!

9. Now let me speak of HERMAN, by whom your ministry is sealed.
  HERMAN's faithfulness alone utters a loud appeal.
  For you suffered hard when HERMAN'S life was taken.
  God raised HERMAN up! So NOW, YOU CAN'T BE SHAKEN! 

10. HERMAN labors under the anointing and he plays the guitar real well.
  Yes! HERMAN's life of devotion to you also tells,
  How you are true at home and in the crowd,
  Because HERMAN trusts you and HERMAN, too, endures great trials.

11. But to fret!! -- No!! HERMAN would not.
  No tribulation could ever make HERMAN stop!
  That anointed guitar breaks so many yokes,
  Because HERMAN remains humble, meek and low!

12. His GREAT confidence in Holiness
  Shows how you willingly endure!! -- EVERY test.
  Even so HERMAN'S life says
  How he appreciates the price that you have paid.

13. So then, SHARON, who is second, strengthens, too.
  SHARON's quiet fortitude testifies of you,
  That you are real! TRUE parents and a friend.
  SHARON's life encourages us again and again.

14. I appreciate most SHARON's steadfast growth,
  How SHARON is SO obedient to the Holy Ghost.
  SHARON speaks few words, but as in Isaiah 50, Verse 4,
  SHARON's example strengthens the heart that is wounded sore.

15. SHARON seeks God and just at the right time
  She stands "firm" and lets her Holy life shine!
  So great a strength to ALL who watch!
  Yes! SHARON believes God and will not stop!

16. For SHARON's parents have borne burdens great,
  And so SHARON, too, is a woman of enduring faith!
  SHARON's tests are many, yet she passes them all,
  Because -- YOU ENDURED!! -- and refused to fall!

17. Again, I see the youngest -- GWENDOL RENEE' !! --
  Whose songs encourage us not to stray.
  RENEE's great zeal has set a fire ablaze
  Because of her parents' many sacrifices that they gave.

18. Hear RENEE sing ONLY once and then you know
  It's worth every burden! RENEE loves you SO!!
  You have placed GREAT teachings in her heart.
  That's why RENEE reaches out to believe God.

19. RENEE's determination -- yes, you taught her well.
  God is an anchor; GOD NEVER FAILS!!
  Watch RENEE's patience and you will see
  How the Holy Ghost keeps you free. 

20. RENEE!! RENEE!! -- The youngest of them all
  Who refuses to let your faith crumble and fall !! --
  For RENEE is a warrior -- a picture of you
  Because you stood firm and remained true.

21. A precious price you paid in love,
  Laboring continuously for those you serve.
  BUT!!! -- So many, many lives were raised from Hell,
  Because YOU ARE FAITHFUL!! and would not sell

22. The FAITH that God entrusted to you.
  That's why so many labor and endure.
  We SEE!! -- "in you", people who are real
  And so through you our destiny is sealed.

23. For we trust you and we love you SO.
  Apostle and Sister Murray, we've got to let you know!! --
  Each word! Every sacrifice! All the love that you give
  Give us courage and hope and a will to live.

24. I think of that GREAT sacrifice,
  Yes! just like our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  You gave YOUR LIFE in labors great,
  And we, too, watch! labor! and wait!

25. You teach us so much through your Holy lives.
  So when trials come, we MUST strive
  And endure the tests, which God said would come.
  Thank you, for encouraging us to labor on!

26. Thank you for the examples of faith,
  For you teaching us to be patient and not to move in haste.
  Thank you for the "old time way",
  To encourage us to WATCH! FIGHT! and PRAY!

27. Long years ahead! Be firm, sturdy and stout.
  For you are God's CHOSEN to bring others out!
  I love you dearly, for you preach without favor,
  And you showed me that God is a faithful Saviour.

28. Many stand "firm" because of you,
  Because you had the faith to go through.
  A worthy vessel! of honor and of praise!
  THANK YOU!! Apostle and Sister Murray-- for EVERY sacrifice that you gave!