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Issued: 1978  

The Holiness of God's Love

1.My children, what must I do?
My only Son has died for you!
I have no other sacrifice
To free you from Satan's device.

2.You rend my heart with despair
When you act as though you don't care!
I offer to you my hand, my love, and my peace
But your own stubbornness does increase.

3.My Son sold out all that He had
And yet some of you turn out bad.
Adam was very precious to me
When he was living sin-free.

4. The subtil serpent "stole" his life,
And now man has constant strife.
I could not bear the sins of man
Who killed to hide his nakedness and so brought violence to the land.

5. Yet when Noah showed love for me,
Walked in "my fear" and obeyed me totally,
I KNEW!! -- that I must clean the earth,
And give man a brand new birth.

6. As flood waters swept over the land,
My heart was touched to forgive man.
All life -- gone!! The earth -- void, as before!
So, I promised that I'd not use water anymore.

7. The cries of men, beasts, and crawling things –
On trees and on housetops, I saw them cling!
The highest mountain was crowded too
By people not knowing what to do.

8. I thought to spare some that cried,
But days came to mind of how they lied,
Ignored the preacher and lived in sin –

9. So one by one, all life did fade,
Until my own wrath was repaid.
Noah was safe inside the boat,
That in the midst of the storm, stayed afloat.

10. Noah's three sons, their wives, cattle and birds
Were saved for believing all of God's" preached" Word.  
And I thought to myself, "How they must thank me for this place!"
"Surely," said God, "they will walk right before my face!"

11. Ah!! But what will I have to do?
For Ham failed me too!
But then Abraham became my friend,
Walked in "my fear" before earthly men.

12. Jacob fled from Esau, his brother's face,
Until Jacob finally surrendered to "my grace".
In Jacob, all men ARE now blessed.
Jacob "wrestled" and refused to give in to the devil's "mess"!

13. Joseph escaped Potiphar's wife
And now Joseph has eternal life.
He left his own coat in place of his soul!
Jacob's son, Joseph, was very bold!

14. Then Joseph interpreted Pharoah's dream,
And made every demon in Hell to scream!
Moses was heir to Pharoah's throne,
But Moses met me on the back desert alone.

15. As I told Moses of "my" plan,
He stuttered, "Lord, I'm just a man!"
I KNEW!! -- of what he was made,
So I didn't accept the excuse that he gave.

16. My people were in bondage and they cried to me.
I KNEW!! -- that Moses was the man to set them free.
I KNEW!! -- that Moses' "will" was lost in mine;
That's why I trusted him to refine

17. ALL ungodly habits which he had.
His meek surrender made me glad.
My people were set free to serve me then,
But they soon forgot where they had been.

18. David rose up to declare my Word,  
That I AM the ONLY true Lord.
His tenderness always touched my heart,
For he always did more than his part, 

19. To establish the kingdom in righteousness.
David passed Satan's worst test.
David's love for God made him PREVAIL!!
And to prove to men that GOD NEVER FAILS!!

20. Goliath's physical size did not at all frighten David;  
That little shepherd boy fought for God's people bravely!
Jesus Christ, my only dear Son,
Saw my love for everyone

21. And took upon Him sinful flesh,
So that men could enter into my rest. (Hebrews 4:1)  
How pitiful the scorn that my Son bore
But Jesus Christ endured, knowing what was in store (Hebrews 12:2)

22. For those who sell out ALL
In answer to the Holy call.
He died!! -- Lord, how Jesus died!!
The blood drained swiftly from His side.

23. Yet, Jesus bore the spite and the agony,
So that everyone could be set free. (Isaiah 53:10-11)
Saul of Tarsus was religious and "in" God, Saul "believed"  
But he refused to "accept" Christ and was deceived,

24. By thinking that following a church he would be saved  
From eternal damnation, the fiery grave.
My grace and my love appeared at noon
And bound up Saul's sinful wound.

25. "PREACH MY WORD!" was God’s command.
"For men are dying throughout the land.
"Tell them that I want them free
  "To live forever in Heaven with me!"

26. I sent the Holy Ghost at Pentecost
  So that men's souls would not be lost.
My children, listen at my Word
Or the things in Revelation which you have heard

27. Will surely come to pass "on you"'
Then where will you turn? What will you do?
The time is short for sin is worse.
I will soon send my Son for "my Church".

28. If you accept Christ and repent,
You can be a part of the Second Advent.
  The Holy Ghost will prepare your heart,
And keep you sin-free as at the start.

29. My children, what have I done,
That you have rejected my only Son?
I cannot accept any of your wrong
And, therefore, I suffer long.

30. Please, please repent and turn today,
So that Hell won't be the price that you pay.
You must not at all take it slight;
For my Son will come as a thief in the night.

31. Don't think to get ready when Christ comes;
All who are not ready will face my storm.
Ah!! -- But my wrath is GREAT! (Revelations 6:12-17; 14:19-20)
So I urge you to walk Holy and straight.

32. Receive the Holy Ghost and live upright
So you can escape the awesome fight,
When people without the Holy Ghost
Will try to fight the Lord of Host.

33. They will lose, of course you know. (Revelation 17:14)
Is this the way that you really want to go??!!
I love you SO dearly, my tender child,
But I cannot walk with you that "Last Mile". (Revelations 20: 12,15)

34. I want to spend eternity with you,
But you MUST do as I say to do. (1st Peter 1:15-16)  
Receive the Holy Ghost; live free from sin! (1st Peter 2:21-22)  
I will open Heaven's gates and let you in.

35. Choose the best way and live.
I have given all that I can give –
My Son! My Spirit! My endless love! (St John 3:16; 14:16-17) --  

36. My children, don't turn me away!
Why not be sanctified, "THIS DAY"!!
"Be renewed in the Spirit of your mind," says Ephesians 4:23.
Without Holiness, NO MAN can see God's face -- IN PEACE! (Hebrews 12:14)