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August 22, 1986

“1789 – Again!!?
(A Tribute to George Washington [GWT] Tisdale, II)

1.A “T? party spellbound the world!
The 13 colonies threw everybody a curve.
“Treat us fairly!? was their request.
Yet, England “declared?, “That’s a lot of mess!?

2.Bravely, the colonies pleaded “their? case,
And they rejected England’s treacherous maze,
Of traps and deceit, of slavery and lies.
Brave men must NEVER wear a disguise.

3.In 1776, the colonies “declared? they would not run,
Simply because their courage could not be undone.
Thirteen (13) nations, Separate and Brave –
But unity was the foundation they had laid,

4.To tell the world unified people can succeed.
The colonies were ONE NATION, indeed.
General George Washington had refused to retreat,
And the mantle of leadership was laid at his feet.

5.When leadership was tested, the people knew,
Only one (1) man could keep America true.
Battle scars laced Washington’s flesh,
But General George Washington had given his best.

6.Lancers and sabers, muskets and shells
Could not stop General Washington’s “quell
Of England’s bribes and subtle snares
To keep a nation in its demon lair.

7. In 1789, a decision was “unanimously? made.
General George Washington was a patriot so brave
Who MUST lead the colonies day by day.
 War heroes strengthen a nation’s faith.

8.Leadership is pre-ordained by God,
For men who have pure, earnest hearts.
Religious men “ordain? a family name.
So, too, does God exalt GEORGE WASHINGTON TISDALE II to fame!

9.When Negroes needed courage and hope,
They named their children with an ingenious stroke.
Black mothers prophesied in silent wisdom,
EXPECTINGGod to grant their bidding.

10.If February 22nd passed Negro mothers by,
They then used names to exalt their children on high.
By May 23rd, 1936, nine months had passed,
And 40-year old Jimmy TISDALE knew his name would last.

11.GEORGE WASHINGTON!! – was the name Mrs. Mary Jane TISDALE chose.
Why she did not name her firstborn “JIMMY?, only God knows.
The firstborn! – What did Mrs. Mary Jane SEE?
Did God ordain her firstborn child for nobility?

12.In 1954, George Washington TISDALE became eighteen.
The year, 1954 was a landmark for strong Black men.
At Union Parish Training School, the TISDALES reigned.
Jimmy TISDALE, Junior too was exalted to fame.

13.Even 7-year olds watched the TISDALES with admiration,
As the Brothers TISDALE rocked the nation.
Football! Basketball! Baseball, as well !!
George Washington TISDALE’s athletic skills cast people into a spell!

14.George IS !! – agile, bold, and strong;
Yet, his brother, Jimmy, did not suffer long,
When braggarts and bullies defied the truth
That the TISDALES cannot be moved,

15.Nor bullied by cowardly men of vice!
Jimmy TISDALE, Junior seemed to always have blood in his eyes.
Nonetheless, George Washington TISDALE did intervene
And all the people tried to make him bend and lean.

16.The streets of Farmerville, Louisiana were dreary and bare
And misfortune “doled? “The Quarters? sector more than its share.
Black men withered away in vice and in sin,
But George Washington TISDALE “declared?: “This will not be my end!?

17.Searching for hope, George Washington TISDALE became a sailor
And, I suppose, America thought she was doing a favor
To provide a livelihood for young Black man.
But George Washington TISDALE brought honor to those oceanic “cans?!

18.George Washington TISDALE has a wisdom that gave to Black men hope,
That they, too, could live free of liquor and dope.
The Navy had to honor George,
Because his strength could NEVER be destroyed.

19.Back in Farmerville, “The Quarters? did hear
That Black men do not have to live in fear.
George Washington TISDALE had proved that Black men are strong,
And older men received courage to continue on.

20.After 1960, George Washington TISDALE observed the world
And decided to marry a TALTON girl.
Eyes were bucked and tempers did flare,
But George Washington TISDALE took a righteous dare.

21.“I plan to marry your daughter!? George “declared?,
And Jessie Mae Talton respected the young man’s dare.
Bold and honest, George Washington TISDALE would never recant
That Joanne Talton made him a strong man.

22.From the first, George Washington TISDALE had made it known
That he had the guts to be bold and strong.
“Tell your sister I said “Hello?, “ he asked.
That football game in 1961, was the lifeline to George’s future task.

23.Onward, George Washington TISDALE pursued, ignoring what people said.
Ungodly people struggled to make him afraid.
Classroom kids did scorn the betrothal pair
As the principal announced the wedding affair.

24.It made me strong that October 1962 school day,
Though the angry student mocked the wedding’s delay.
“They must not gon’ get married!? the bully scorned,
But October 25, 1961 had given me courage to be strong.

25.Alcoholics even tried to discourage George.
Yet, George Washington TISDALE refused to be destroyed.
My uncle scoffed at George Washington TISDALE’s strength.
Because of George’s umbrella he carried, George made people “wince?.

26.Every braggart and every bigot wagged their tongues,
Because they couldn’t understand what kept George Washington TISDALE strong.
The wedding march shriveled and died
Because TALTON relatives enviously tried

27.To destroy a marriage ordained by God
The marriage IS!! Yet a success, despite sufferings so hard.
Strong men are challenged so very long,
Even when their courage “seems? all gone.

28.But once God has ordained nuptial vows
No one can make God bow.
Strong and brave, George Washington TISDALE has fought.
His innate integrity can NEVER be bought.

29.When George Washington TISDALE chastens those who err
He has the compassion to save the world.
God did not let Miriam of Numbers 12 get by.
Relatives must be strong enough to comply,

30.With God’s punishment for those who sin.
Thank you, George Washington TISDALE, for being a man among men.
Your silent reproofs have given me strength,
When others tried to make me consent

31.To live “the lie? that I can make my own laws.
Your courage is what the world is looking for.
Sometimes you answer the phone when my sister is busy
And your silent disappointment dispels any derision

32.That I have to be kept in sin.
If you only knew the strength that you bring.
It is evident that you are a strong leader,
Else why is there a TISDALE named “Nina??

33.The determination of Stacey TISDALE is your “crown?
Of how you yourself refused to let people get you down.
If George Washington TISDALE, III were a picture book,
You could understand how you yourself overcame so many crooks.

34.Buffie Arlana TISDALE is a different story, altogether!
She is the 1970 proof of how you have withstood stormy weather
Numbers 12:3 describes YOU – well!!
You, George Washington TISDALE teach others: “Black men can excel!?

35.Thank you, George Washington TISDALE, for reproving my apathy,
And teaching me to maintain strong morality.
Those who lead are heckled and shunned,
But, you, George Washington TISDALE, II, YOU MUST RUN ON!