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May 26, 1997
11:07 A.M.

(A Poem of Gratitude for Evangelist Clevetta (WILLIAMSON) Patterson)

1) "And this Seraiah was a quiet Prince!"
In 1972, you taught me some sense.
Erma Herndon Evans brought me to your home,
Where you carefully monitored your godly spirit alone.

2. Both Erma and I taught school -- side by side.
We EACH lived for God holy and sanctified.
And so Arkansas and Louisiana met,
But God was not finished yet

3. There was strength in Oklahoma's state.
So from 1967 to 1972, God did wait.
Because there is strength in being quiet,
God set apart Clevetta from the world's riot.

4. There is no falling down on a sanctified job.
You, Clevetta, had endured suffering hard,
And God wanted to use your strength
To show a quiet, shy girl how not to bend.

5. When I first saw you at the apartments on Spanish Fort,
I marvelled that you were so quiet and did not distort
The simplicity and the innocence of holy life.
Thank you, Clevetta, for living right.

6. I thought to emulate all that you did.
Your sincerity in God could NEVER be hid.
It was 1977 and I needed a car.
So I bought a 1973 Monte Carlo because of yours that I saw.

7. Then I silently claimed you as my evangelical partner.
My courage had no end when you remained "solid".
But December 1977 changed my plans.
"WE HAVE A WEDDING TONIGHT!" the Apostle proclaimed.

8. It was a virtuous wedding; God saw to that! -- 
Even when your close friends tried to make you take "used" merchandise, unreliable and "flat"!
And "KERMITIA" said it all.
Thank you for refusing to fall!

9. Exactly nine months!! -- who would have guessed
That your former roommate tried to tie you up in a mess??
But other people depended on your strength.
Thank you, Clevetta for being content.

10. That "BRIDGE" of untempered mortar would have destroyed your life.
Thank you for obeying the voice of Christ.
The 1976 "treason" in Texarkana-Nash,
Kept your soul from filling up with trash.

11. There were church females who evangelized with "disparity",
But Elder Ryan CALLED for you, God's very own rarity!
"He that findeth a wife . . . ." bars women from "stalking".
You, Clevetta, lived righteously and stopped the liars from talking.

12. Of Ruby and Georgia and Charlie and Jackie --
Who were the ones that turned up "lacking"?
I am glad that you followed God's quiet bell.

13. You quietly acknowledged me in 1972.
That is why I thank God for you.
"Ostentatious" saints do not last long,
But, you, Clevetta, showed me how to hold on.

14. You appraised my written poem in '77.
That alone strengthened my commitment to go to Heaven.
I "revised" EACH word of what you said,
Because I trusted what was inside your head.

15. And so Polly Smith urged me on,
Because Clevetta Williamson had taught me to be strong.
Some shy people are shunned and overlooked
Because they refuse to be dumb and an overbearing crook.

16. But always, you did light up my path
And urged me to be firm when I am harassed.
And so I grew in the light of your shadow.
Seldom did the Apostle have to use his sanctified "paddle"!

17. Because I SAW!! -- that you did endure,
My own life was made secure.
When others lied on me and did me shame,
Your courage kept me "fixed" in God's game.

18. You alone did shine a quiet light
When others tried to make me give up the fight.
The Bible says, "Prove your own 'SELF'!"
You did not push me back to the corner of the shelf.

19. Those who talked "L-O-U-D" to destroy my hope
Did not realize how Clevetta taught me to cope.
So May 1990 did not destroy my sanctified life.
Thank you, Clevetta, for the strength of Christ.

20. She "L-O-U-D"(ly) promised me Mother Hill's tapes
And never broke a sweat when the truth was "raped".
But my trust in God did not fade away.
I REMEMBER!! -- you, Clevetta and all you did say.

21. I am a woman without a country, a church, and without friends,
But I still refuse to negotiate and bow and bend.
You have shown me chastity, purity and truth.
I refuse to live lasciviously and lewd.

22. You showed me how to pay what I owe.
Thank you for the 3 tapes which did let me know
That 25 years ago was God's own investment
That will help me to stand when fiery trials test me.

23. A quiet spirit is priceless to God.
Thank you, Clevetta, for having an earnest heart.
Thank you for your realness and your strength,
For showing me what the word SANCTIFIED really meant.

24. When I evaluate my sanctification "tenure",
I am determined to never request a "change of venue"!
What Tulsa gained from you in '67
Has now solidified my claim on Heaven.

25. "And this Seraiah was a quiet Prince."
Jeremiah 51:59 should teach EVERYBODY some sense.
And so my expression to you at this time --
Thank you, Clevetta, for "plumbing" the line!